Willow Featuring Nicki Minaj ‘Fireball’

29 Dec

I realise this is a bit late, but as soon as I came across this I had the urge to write about it!

When Willow started whipping her hair I honestly thought it was a passing phase. Yet it seems she’s here to stay. Her latest single features Nicki Minaj and as if that wasn’t enough they’ve even roped in Hype Williams, video director extraordinaire.

The track is no different from any of Willows others it features the same few words sung over. Well in all honesty they aren’t sung, they’re spoken Kesha style while she shakes her little tush as hard as she can. It’s all very epic and very diva – esque, especially her image. She seems to be reworking Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ wardrobe to fit her tiny frame, though thankfully it is not as revealing.

The song is exactly what you would expect from her content wise. Nothing too provocative is said and it is the beat that carries it with tits massive kicks and slightly irritating electronic sound droning on in the background.

In all honesty I am very surprised Ms Minaj agreed to feature on this track, or that Willow’s parents allowed the collaboration. Though I suppose it’s in keeping with the fun image Nicki portrays AND she completes her whole rap without swearing once!

The track is in no way my cup of tea, but then neither was ‘Whip My Hair’ or ‘21st Century Girl’ but they’ve both done astoundingly well and I’m sure ‘Fireball’ will prove to be no exception. As Nicki says in her rap, Willow is real major, even though she’s a minor. I’m hoping it’s the styling, her persona and the fact that her parents are Will and Jada that is winning her this huge following because if it is the music people need their ears checked!



One Response to “Willow Featuring Nicki Minaj ‘Fireball’”

  1. Radz January 4, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    I liked whip my hair, but completely agree about this song, not great…or good. Think she definitely got something that she could work on…this just shouldn’t be the result…its noise. Why Nicki collaborate? Will Smith of course :p

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