Sankwas Bois featuring Kay Ara ‘Kung Fu Killers’

1 Jan

The Bois are back in town and they won’t be taking any prisoners. The track describes rather graphically their plans for people who get on the wrong side of them……and let’s just say I’m hoping they like this review!

‘Kung Fu Killers’ is a part English, part Pidgin, part Twi track, which seems to sample Q-Tip’s ‘Breathe and Stop’. It is by no means a typical offering from Ghanaian artists. With its funky hip hop vibe and comical lyrics it is clear these guys are not concerned with joining the ‘afro beats’ movement that is currently taking place. Rather they seem focused on creating their own new genre of hip hop with an African twist that is packed with humour.  It will be quite exciting to see how their music will develop and whether other artists start mimicking their style.

If you haven’t heard it you should definitely check out their gastronomical remix (constipation) of 5five’s ‘Muje Baya’ as that was also a particular favourite of mine last year. I am really eager to hear what they will offer up in 2012, though I am hoping that there won’t be too much mention of going to the toilet, in their future releases as I’m slightly concerned at the preoccupation they seem to have with that particular subject.

Click below to have a listen to their new track and if you understand Twi you’ll soon see why I think they are pre occupied with that topic!

Kung Fu Killers – Sankwas Bois ft Kay Ara


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