Dot Rotten – Are You Not Entertained?

10 Jan
‘Are You Not Entertained’ is the question Dot Rotten is searching for an answer to with his new single. The track has a more grimey feel to it than his last single and it is clear from the subject matter and his fierce delivery that he is not mucking about. Yet the song doesn’t grab your attention on the first listen. The production seems a bit busy with the loud synth sounds, heavy beat and slightly irritiating electronic beeping in the background. His flow clashes with the beat at times making it a bit tough on the ear and as far as his video goes, well there’s just not much happening.
It is good to hear a song that focuses on his goals and motivations as opposed to one about money or girls but its just a shame its not one that connects better.
So the honest answer to his question is…….no, not particularly, but then that’s just my view!

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