The Milk ‘B-Roads’

16 Jan

We’ve all had the benefits of milk preached to us for as long as we can remember. I’m sure you’ll recall your mother telling you milk is good for your teeth and bones….well now the soul can be added to the list!

British band The Milk’s latest single ‘B Roads’ has a striking soulful vibe, though hip hop influences can be heard in the drum patterns and of course the scratching effect that kicks off the track. Lead singer Ricky Nunn’s voice, which has a similar tone to Maverick Sabre, injects raw emotion to the track while the harmonies provided by the other band members add a climatic feel during the chorus and help to calm things down at the end of the song.

In terms of lyrical content the song is very different from other songs out there at the moment which is always refreshing. Telling the tale of all the mishaps that have meant he can’t show his face in places too public, you begin to understand why Ricky’s mamma told him he had to live on the run. It is surprisingly upbeat considering….making it a great pick me up tune for when you’re not feeling so great. Cause let’s face it no matter how bad things are, you’re probably never going to be known by a biker gang as the next neck they’re going to hang!



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