Ice Prince ‘Baby’

22 Jan

After conquering the airwaves in both West Africa and here in the UK with ‘Oleku‘, Ice Prince is back with another track that is sure to be a party favourite.

‘Baby’ has more of an a African vibe to it, in terms of the music, especially the drums, though Ice Prince’s English rap and auto tuned chorus mean the western influence (which has been so instrumental to the growth of afrobeats) cannot be mistaken.

This tune is a sweet love song where Ice Prince declares his love must be the producer because she makes his heart beat! As cute as it all is, I do wonder whether people feel this manages to surpass ‘Oleku’? I myself am not particularly sure if that is the case and this is by no means a criticism. It’s just he set such a high standard for himself he had a tough act to follow and even though ‘Baby’ may not achieve this feat he still has a lot to be proud of because it is a lovely afrobeats track!

Click the link below to listen.

Ice Prince ‘Baby’


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