Farewell Etta James

23 Jan

Friday 20th January was a dark day for music. Etta James whose career spanned over 6 decades lost her battle against leukaemia, meaning we have lost another great!

Vocally her talent was almost unrivalled. Her powerhouse voice was an incredible instrument which could add pain, sadness, longing and any other emotion you can think of to any song she sang. Few artists are able to convey the depth of emotions that Etta so effortlessly displayed, switching from loud powerful growls to soft sweet tones within seconds. Her wild lifestyle most definitely played a part in helping her sing as well as she did, for she has been quoted as saying that singing allowed her to vent all the “bitch shit” inside of her.

Despite her numerous addictions and brushes with the law over the years the one constant in her life was always the music. She kept recording throughout the years regardless of whether or not her music had a mass following. Music was truly her love, and her passion for it has inspired some of today’s greatest performers. Beyonce and Adele both list James as a major inspiration. Adele goes so far as to say that it was buying Etta James’ CD that made her want to sing! So not only was Etta an absolute legend but she has been instrumental in helping to inspire the legends of the future.

Her music will live on for ever and with today’s greats citing her as their motivation to sing, she has left a legacy she can most certainly be proud of!

Click the links below to have a listen to some of  my favourites from her vast catalogue of music.

  Tough lover

I Just Want To Make Love To You

I’d Rather Go Blind


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