Nadjat ft Stay Jay ‘ Belle Belle’

24 Jan

New afrobeats tune alert!

Well in all honesty its not that new. The audio surfaced on the internet some months back, but the official video only came out on Sunday.

Nadjat’s ‘Belle Belle’ which features Stay Jay is the first single from Nadjat, Undaone Entertainment’s first lady. The track is very synth – driven with a simple string like synth and her three word chorus ‘See….Belle Belle’. It is all very simple but works. It is difficult to sit still to this, it is definitely one to get you up shaking a leg.

Initially I thought the track seemed to have a good message, she’s talking about how classy she is and how she won’t fall for men’s tricks, but then watching the video and seeing certain risque scenes that don’t really seem to fit in with that tone I guess my initial thoughts were wrong. The tune does have some good comical lines in it, regardless of the seeimingly mixed messages. Stay Jay’s rap comes at the right time for if it wasn’t there the track would be a bit too much of the same.

Nadjat comes with attitude and energy on this one, there’s no denying that. Starting with a collaboration with Stay Jay who was behind ‘Shashee Wowo’ one of last years  most played afrobeats hits, is clearly a good move. It will be interesting to see what she comes with next and for that matter whether her and Tiffany become allies or enemies. The similarity between them is clear but will they embrace each other or start cat fighting like so many other female artists with similar styles do. I guess only time will tell.


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