Sankwas Bois Ft. Dex ‘Greetings From Abroad’ (Produced by Kwam1)

1 Feb

If you read my previous post on the Sankwas Bois, you’ll know I was eager to hear what they’d be talking about next….and here it is.

They are extending greetings from Ghana with their latest single. Well, that is one way of putting it. In actual fact the track is a long list of all the reasons why they will forever remain in Ghana. It is a very relevant commentary on the economic situation in the western world and also highlights several reasons why African’s should be proud of their home rather than being so quick to leave their place of birth.

The beat which was produced by Kwam1 has a great old school afrobeat vibe to it with its funky horns, though it has a distinct hip hop vibe to it as far as the drums go. The Bois as usual are on great form, with witty lines which not only prompt chuckles but provoke thought.

This  track is fresh and original and truly captures the spirit of afrobeat, not just musically but with the actual message that it preaches. Fela Kuti the founding father of afrobeat was a staunch supporter of all things African and as the Bois are extolling the virtues of Africa and rejecting the western world, I’m sure this track would have his full support if he were here today!

Click below to have a listen.


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