May D ‘Sound Track’

2 Feb

May D, Square Records’s first signing is here with a very memorable tune. The audio of this track has been around for months, though the video only came out a couple of weeks ago.

The track seems instantly familiar due to the choice to sample the bassline from Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’.The beat is fairly minimalistic with sounds fading in and out at various points of the song. The basic drum pattern and synth which runs through the song all fit together to make a great mid tempo tune which is sure to get people bopping along to the music.

Lyrically it doesn’t really feature anything profound, but then why would he need to with a song that is so easy on the ear. The video however is rather X-rated, especially by the standards of Afrobeats music videos. Rather than opting for the usual party scene with scantily clad girls gyrating in the background. He’s stepped things up a notch and gone for the soft porn approach; and let’s just say when May D and ‘Retta’ are in the kitchen its not the cooker or the oven that’s creating the heat!


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