Delilah ‘2 – 4 am’ Mixtape

3 Feb

Delilah burst into the mainstream last year with her song ‘Go’ which she claims was just recorded as a ‘vibe’ she didn’t think would go any further. It did more than go far, it became a top 5 charting single in the UK! Needless to say everyone is eagerly awaiting her album ‘From The Roots’ which is due to be released on 26th March. In the meantime she’s been kind enough to offer us a mixtape and it is a real treat.

‘2 – 4 am’ has a very unique sound to it. It is in every way Delilah. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre it should fall under because each track is unique and so many different influences can be heard, some tracks have definite dubstep influences, while others have a more hip hop vibe about them.

The track ’21’ is a sorrowful tune with a very delicate production. The sweet piano and chimes make the music slightly remiscent of the sort of melody a child’s music box would play. It has a real cute feel to it though the mournful lyrics make it an extremely emotional and grown up song.

‘Lay By’ is a more up beat track which features tribal drums and loud synths. The lyrics are catchy and the melody make it a great one to move to. Its sure to be a great one at festivals this summer.

The top track on this mixtape is in my opinion ‘Never Be Another One’ the story is put across beautifully, the track sounds dark at first but then the heavy hitting drum and synth kick in and of course delilah’s voice bring it alive.

The mixtape is free to download from Though you can listen to the three tracks I mentioned by clicking below. It will definitely make the wait for the album slightly easier.


Lay By

Never Be Another One


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