Estelle ‘Oliver Twist’

8 Feb

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the fact that Estelle has jumped on D’Banj’s ‘Oliver Twist’ beat confirms what we all knew; afrobeats is taking over!!!

It is a massive deal to have an artist so successful supporting the afrobeats movement and aside from that she is also representing for the ladies on this one. She keeps the lyrical content of the track the same as D’Banj in the sense that she calls out the names of hot men and says why she likes them. She sings in an African accent and uses pidgin English which is definitely unexpected. However it must be said that her accent isn’t always consistent, though overall the track maintains the same light hearted feel that makes the original such a banger, especially because the chorus has not been altered at all.

Nevertheless the track has received a lukewarm response and to be honest I can’t say I’m surprised. This is not a criticism of Estelle, but the fact is that Oliver Twist has been absolutely HUGE and she’s remixed it so soon. People never take kindly to change of any kind and the fact that the track she’s remixing is still pretty fresh means that this was always going to be the case.

Say what you will about her remix it has to be admitted that the actual substance of the track was not changed significantly at all. Depending on your personal view of what a remix should be that could be seen as a positive or a negative, but I will say that some of the comments about how bad this track is seem slightly exaggerated. Here’s an example taken from youtube

“*blink blink* #straight face# but why? abeg abeg estelle na so u just use 4mins 8seconds 2 kill one of the best afro beats of 2011. Kai !!!”

Would you agree?


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