Farewell Whitney Houston

14 Feb

Not even halfway into the second month of 2012 and we’ve lost another phenomenal voice!

Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverley Hills hotel bath tub in the early hours of the morning on 12th February.

The whole music industry has been left in shock at the sudden death of the woman whose voice was one of the most incredible instruments and whose sound defined a generation. Although she had not achieved anything like the level of success she had in the late 80s and early 90s, she had made a seemingly successful comeback. Her 2009 release ‘I Look To You’ received a mixed bag of reviews but overall the feedback was more positive than negative. Although she had been criticised about some off key live performances.

News of her death has been a sudden blow to all, celebrities and non entities alike are all flocking to pay make tributes or pay their respects in various ways, with the organisers of the Grammy’s setting the standard by organising a tribute to the star in the 11th our.

Jennifer Hudson sang an emotional tribute at the Grammy’s, you can watch it below.  Although she’s gone her incredible voice will be sorely missed!

Jennifer Hudson’s Tribute At The Grammy’s



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