Speech Debelle ‘Studio Backpack Rap’

21 Feb

It’s been a while since I wrote about music that isn’t afrobeats. So I thought I’d bring it back home to London with today’s post.

The 2009 Mercury award winner Speech Debelle released her album ‘Speech Therapy’ last week and this is the first track on the album.

The huge kicks and heavy synths immediately draw you in to as she walks us through the love affair that music makers have with their chosen profession. The beat is so on point its impossible not to bop your head to, while her flow and witty word play puts the passion for music across beautifully. Its seems almost possible to develop the condition Ms Debelle is describing just from listening.

The video for this track which has been up since November is extremely simple but fits the song well. Shot on a what looks like a south London estate it follows these music lovers around and sees them at work, as well as showing Speech rapping, dancing and looking like she’s having the time of her life.

Speech says when the music hits her she feels tipsy, and though that might not be the feeling you’d use to describe it, I reckon the funky hip hop vibe of this track will definitely leave you with a feeling of euphoria! Click below for your dose, and if you like what you hear you should definitely check out the album (which is on spotify) because she’s got a lot more where this banger came from.


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