Pepper ‘Running Rings’

25 Feb

Pepper first stepped into the limelight in sky’s 2010 ‘Must Be The Music’ TV talent show. She auditioned with her friend Emma, together they formed the group ‘Pepper and Piano’. From the moment she sang her first note on the show she dazzled the crowd, so it is very easy to see why Dizzee Rascal was so quick to snap her up in the wake of the competition.

She’s been working on a number of acoustic sessions which she posts at quite frequent intervals on  youtube. My favourite of her acoustic songs I’ve heard so far is ‘Running Rings’. Accompanied only by an electric guitar Pepper’s stunning voice and cheeky lyrics tell of her feelings towards men who like to show off. The subject matter may not be completely original as Jamelia had her hit back in the day with ‘Money’ and then there was J-Lo’s ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’; but Pepper’s awe inspiring vocal and brash phrasing set her tune apart. For instead of seeming whiny like J-Lo and Jamelia, she ridicules and comes across as a very strong and confident woman on this track.

Click below to have a listen, but men be warned, if you have no charm and think cash and nice clothes are all you need to attract a woman, the lyrics might prove a little hard hitting.


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