EL – Turn The Lights Down

5 Mar

This track has been around for a while but seems to have been overlooked in the sudden boom in love for Afrobeats and Azonto dancing.

EL sets himself apart from other Ghanaian artists on this one, as well as showing himself to be truly versatile. He made the Azonto banger Obuu Mo and follows it up with a completely new school hip hop/ r&b track.

The production is flawless, the beat is minimalist with a melodic fast paced synth fading in and out, while the heavy hitting kicks that set in during the chorus help the track to climax. EL comes with a flow to match the incredible production, and his singing adds yet another element to the track. The choice to have very smooth and slow verses, contrasted by the loud and up tempo chorus makes the track reminiscent of Drake’s style, which is a true feat for an artist that is equally at home rapping in pidgin English and his local vernacular.

The video for the track is very well shot and has several things going on yet manages to stay simple and in no means over complicated. EL’s swagger is unmissable in this one, with his dapper shirt and trilby hat, he’ll have plenty of offers to turn down the lights…but the question is ladies are you a fan of toblerone?


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