Lianne La Havas Live @ Scala

14 Mar

Last night pint sized songstress Lianne La Havas played her “most enormous gig to date” and if she had any pre show nerves they were overcome as soon as she stepped out before the crowd.

Striding confidently onto the stage in a quirky outfit, she flashed a warm smile, and went straight into a rendition of ‘No Room For Doubt’. Accompanied only by her guitar, Lianne’s clear, sweet tones filled every corner of the Scala and transformed the previously restless and impatient audience into a sea of still bodies with contented faces.

When her band joined her on stage they upped the tempo and the volume with songs like ‘Forget’ “a little ditty” about her ex-boyfriend that got the whole crowd swaying and singing along, with its stomping drums and screaming chorus.

Between songs Lianne seemed completely at ease chatting away to the crowd as though she were with old friends. Giggling away and constantly remarking how incredible it was to be playing to such a large crowd in her home town, her sheer joy and disbelief that everyone was there to see her perform was plainly visible and extremely endearing.

Every bit the entertainer, she cracked jokes but switched from chuckling to mournful in an instant. Her perfromance of ‘Gone’ for her encore was incredibly moving as she conveyed all the hurt and anger with her delicate yet powerful voice, quivering in just the right places. She was accompanied only by a piano, her sorrow was so convincing the whole audience was suddenly overcome and completely silenced by her sombre tones, and when she was done it took a few seconds for everyone to react.

‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ was the final song of the night, and is also the title track off her forthcoming album. It is a loud song rather similar to ‘Forget’ but different to her usual mellow, and calming tunes. It was definitely the right choice to finish with as its rythmic guitar riffs, stomping drums and simple lyrics left the crowd in a good mood after after the more slow and sad songs she’d been singing earlier.

Lianne’s album should be released by Warner Bros. Records at some point in July and from what she displayed last night it is definitely one of the more exciting forthcoming releases of 2012, and if you get the chance to see her live DO! It seems pretty safe to say that last night’s performance won’t remain her “most enormous” gig for long.


One Response to “Lianne La Havas Live @ Scala”

  1. Joan March 18, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    An excellent post.

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