FiF & Kukua Bee – ‘Azonto Slow Mo’

29 Mar

If you already know how to dougie and you’re a huge lover of the Azonto movement, then you’re in for  a treat with this one. The super bumping beat of ‘Azonto Slow Mo’ is sure to get you bopping your head and shaking those hips.

The rythmic claps and kicks ensure that the song grabs you from the first, and then of course there’s the simple but extremely catchy chorus. Fif and Kukua Bee provide simple memorable lyrics encouraging the listener to get off their backside and start their slow mo azonto. Their flows are fitting and though it could be said that the lyrical content is basic that is not the issue at hand.

As Fif himself admits people call the dance the african dougie, so its not lyrical content that counts but the dance that goes along with this bass bumping tune. The video isn’t here yet so we’ll have to make do with freestyling until the masters themselves provide us with the visual instructions on how exactly to azonto in slow mo.


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