EL – ‘Most Beautiful Girl’

3 Apr

A quick search of the internet revealed that the noun ‘EL’ was the term for the father of all Gods in an ancient civilisation, and though it is not clear whether this has in any way inspired EL’s stage name, it is clear he is working very hard to set himself out as the father of all things hot, and trendy as far as tracks coming out of Ghana right now are concerned.

His latest offering entitled ‘Most Beautiful Girl’ may not seem to be any different in terms of the title, but musically it is by far the most organic sounding track EL has blessed us with and its simplicity is its strongest point.

 The mellow guitar, toned down beat and his honesty in bearing all about his approach to relationships makes for interesting listening. His auto-tuned voice on the chorus breaks up the song nicely, giving it a nice variety as he talks us through his descent into the depths of love with this most beautiful woman.
If you’re looking for a nice chilled out track to relax to, look no further people because this is it. The lack of synths and heavy kicks is more than refreshing, though it is somewhat surprising that he’s having to stress he wants this girl to be his as it seems more than likely he has hundreds of ladies throwing themselves at his feet!

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