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Buk Bak – ‘Ator Mi Line’

28 Mar

Since bringing us the massive track ‘Kolom’, Buk Bak return to us with another hot future classic called ‘Ator Mi Line’.

The Hip – life duo are proving themselves to be serial hit makers with this one, but what is great to see is that they are not simply sticking to the formula that works for them. So rather than sticking to the hugely synth driven beat with a stomping kicks they are now offering up a track that seems stripped back and almost accoustic in comparison to their previous hit.

‘Ator Mi Line’ opens with the simple sounds of a guitar and then builds up with the help of some kicks and claps and eventually some subtle but very effective strings.

As usual there is no shortage of auto – tuned musings on the track and this fuses well with the rap to give add variety to the track.

This may not turn out to be a massive club banger, especially as its not a track to spark an azonto frenzy, but it will be one that’s playing at barbeques and in cars this summer, so if you’re a soldier for the afrobeats cause, make sure you’ve armed your mp3 player with this hit!


Estelle ‘Oliver Twist’

8 Feb

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the fact that Estelle has jumped on D’Banj’s ‘Oliver Twist’ beat confirms what we all knew; afrobeats is taking over!!!

It is a massive deal to have an artist so successful supporting the afrobeats movement and aside from that she is also representing for the ladies on this one. She keeps the lyrical content of the track the same as D’Banj in the sense that she calls out the names of hot men and says why she likes them. She sings in an African accent and uses pidgin English which is definitely unexpected. However it must be said that her accent isn’t always consistent, though overall the track maintains the same light hearted feel that makes the original such a banger, especially because the chorus has not been altered at all.

Nevertheless the track has received a lukewarm response and to be honest I can’t say I’m surprised. This is not a criticism of Estelle, but the fact is that Oliver Twist has been absolutely HUGE and she’s remixed it so soon. People never take kindly to change of any kind and the fact that the track she’s remixing is still pretty fresh means that this was always going to be the case.

Say what you will about her remix it has to be admitted that the actual substance of the track was not changed significantly at all. Depending on your personal view of what a remix should be that could be seen as a positive or a negative, but I will say that some of the comments about how bad this track is seem slightly exaggerated. Here’s an example taken from youtube

“*blink blink* #straight face# but why? abeg abeg estelle na so u just use 4mins 8seconds 2 kill one of the best afro beats of 2011. Kai !!!”

Would you agree?

May D ‘Sound Track’

2 Feb

May D, Square Records’s first signing is here with a very memorable tune. The audio of this track has been around for months, though the video only came out a couple of weeks ago.

The track seems instantly familiar due to the choice to sample the bassline from Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’.The beat is fairly minimalistic with sounds fading in and out at various points of the song. The basic drum pattern and synth which runs through the song all fit together to make a great mid tempo tune which is sure to get people bopping along to the music.

Lyrically it doesn’t really feature anything profound, but then why would he need to with a song that is so easy on the ear. The video however is rather X-rated, especially by the standards of Afrobeats music videos. Rather than opting for the usual party scene with scantily clad girls gyrating in the background. He’s stepped things up a notch and gone for the soft porn approach; and let’s just say when May D and ‘Retta’ are in the kitchen its not the cooker or the oven that’s creating the heat!

Team GLR (AO, Freeman, V. Bling ft. Slim Flex) ‘Meni Wo Be Wu’

30 Jan

‘Meni Wo Be Wu’ which translates as ‘I’ll Die With You’ is the first single from Team GLR who will be releasing their ‘3ple Threat’ EP in the course of the year.

It is a solid upbeat afrobeats track which is hugely synth driven. The hook is ridiculously catchy repeating the line ‘Meni Wo Be Wu’ over and over. The rythmic mumblings in the back ground; make it feel very similar to 5five’s massive hit ‘Muje Baya’.

All four artists hold their own with their distinctive flows and styles, meaning each verse sounds different yet it all fits together well to make what I’m sure will be the soundtrack to many azonto routines.

This is definitely one for the die hard afrobeats fans!

Nadjat ft Stay Jay ‘ Belle Belle’

24 Jan

New afrobeats tune alert!

Well in all honesty its not that new. The audio surfaced on the internet some months back, but the official video only came out on Sunday.

Nadjat’s ‘Belle Belle’ which features Stay Jay is the first single from Nadjat, Undaone Entertainment’s first lady. The track is very synth – driven with a simple string like synth and her three word chorus ‘See….Belle Belle’. It is all very simple but works. It is difficult to sit still to this, it is definitely one to get you up shaking a leg.

Initially I thought the track seemed to have a good message, she’s talking about how classy she is and how she won’t fall for men’s tricks, but then watching the video and seeing certain risque scenes that don’t really seem to fit in with that tone I guess my initial thoughts were wrong. The tune does have some good comical lines in it, regardless of the seeimingly mixed messages. Stay Jay’s rap comes at the right time for if it wasn’t there the track would be a bit too much of the same.

Nadjat comes with attitude and energy on this one, there’s no denying that. Starting with a collaboration with Stay Jay who was behind ‘Shashee Wowo’ one of last years  most played afrobeats hits, is clearly a good move. It will be interesting to see what she comes with next and for that matter whether her and Tiffany become allies or enemies. The similarity between them is clear but will they embrace each other or start cat fighting like so many other female artists with similar styles do. I guess only time will tell.

Ice Prince ‘Baby’

22 Jan

After conquering the airwaves in both West Africa and here in the UK with ‘Oleku‘, Ice Prince is back with another track that is sure to be a party favourite.

‘Baby’ has more of an a African vibe to it, in terms of the music, especially the drums, though Ice Prince’s English rap and auto tuned chorus mean the western influence (which has been so instrumental to the growth of afrobeats) cannot be mistaken.

This tune is a sweet love song where Ice Prince declares his love must be the producer because she makes his heart beat! As cute as it all is, I do wonder whether people feel this manages to surpass ‘Oleku’? I myself am not particularly sure if that is the case and this is by no means a criticism. It’s just he set such a high standard for himself he had a tough act to follow and even though ‘Baby’ may not achieve this feat he still has a lot to be proud of because it is a lovely afrobeats track!

Click the link below to listen.

Ice Prince ‘Baby’