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Buk Bak – ‘Ator Mi Line’

28 Mar

Since bringing us the massive track ‘Kolom’, Buk Bak return to us with another hot future classic called ‘Ator Mi Line’.

The Hip – life duo are proving themselves to be serial hit makers with this one, but what is great to see is that they are not simply sticking to the formula that works for them. So rather than sticking to the hugely synth driven beat with a stomping kicks they are now offering up a track that seems stripped back and almost accoustic in comparison to their previous hit.

‘Ator Mi Line’ opens with the simple sounds of a guitar and then builds up with the help of some kicks and claps and eventually some subtle but very effective strings.

As usual there is no shortage of auto – tuned musings on the track and this fuses well with the rap to give add variety to the track.

This may not turn out to be a massive club banger, especially as its not a track to spark an azonto frenzy, but it will be one that’s playing at barbeques and in cars this summer, so if you’re a soldier for the afrobeats cause, make sure you’ve armed your mp3 player with this hit!


Happy Birthday Ghana ft. E.L, EFya, Wanlov The Kubolor and X.O Senavoe

15 Mar

On 6th March 2012 Ghana celebrated its 55th Birthday. As the first Sub – Saharan country to receive independence Ghanaians are especially proud because the country has come so far! So much so that 4 of Ghana’s musically gifted collaborated to express the universal feeling of joy at the peaceful Nation has grown into.

The track has an incredibly old school feel about it due to the hi – life style guitar providing the rythm, though the hip hop flavour is unmissable due to simple hip hop kicks and of course the presence of 4 of Ghana’s present day musical superstars.

Happy Birthday Ghana is a song which is relevant to both the past and the present, not just musically but also socially. It shouts out the figures who helped shaped Ghana to enable it to become the place it is today, while also encouraging the younger generation to take pride in their motherland.

Ghana Music Award 2012 nominee Efya, provides a dazzlingly simple vocal that holds the song together while the three rappers each bring their unique flair and style to the track. This song is a must listen for all the Ghanaians. Its practically patriotism at the push of a button. Its just a shame its not even 2 minutes long, cause it will leave you wanting more!

Click below to watch the video

Nana Boro – Nsem Pii

6 Mar

Nana Boro the artist behind one of 2010’s biggest hip life joints is back with another party track. Admittedly he had a tough act to follow with ‘Aha Ye De’ and he’s chosen to go for a slightly different feel with this one.

‘Nsem Pii’ seems to sample the same syth melody from Edward Maya’s 2009 hit ‘Stereo Love’. The synth is a lot higher but the melody is exactly the same, though the beat that kicks in is distinctly afrobeats. It makes for a very interesting mix that fits together surprisingly well, providing a great backdrop for Nana Boro’s auto tuned musings in both French and Twi.

The track is one to move to, and while it was quite an ambitious idea to mix hip life and western dance music on one track it doesn’t really seem to live up to the vibes of Aha Ye De, but then again it could be a grower!

Flexclusive ft Tiffany ‘Anything For You’

19 Feb

This post is rather late if I’m honest, but better late than never is what I say!

Flexclusive’s latest jam which features Tiffany appeared on the internet at the end of January. It is called ‘Anything For You’ and it doesn’t take a genius to realise it was timed to fit perfectly with the valentines day hype that always ensues.

The track has a lovely vibe with the smooth, melodic piano, steady claps and of course Flexclusive’s voice flowing so effortlessly on the chorus. Tiffany, who is often referred to as the Ghanaian Nicki Minaj leaves her mark on the track with her distinctive flow and easy lyrics. Her verse makes the story well rounded, as it shows the love being talked about is a two way thing which is always a plus!

Its a nice chilled listen and should help set the mood for any belated valentines day celebrations ; )


15 Feb

After the furore the FOKN Bois caused with their track ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’ some may have thought that they would tone down their lyrics and subject matter. If you were one of those people, please be informed that you were greatly mistaken!

All 18 tracks on’FOKN wit Ewe’ are packed with so much humour, wit and political incorrectness that it seems ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’ is possibly one of the least offensive songs on the album.

The album’s production is flawless. Ranging from clear hip hop influences on ‘Strong Homosexual Guys’ to a more modern avant garde R’N’B feel, reminiscent of The Weeknd’s style on tracks like ‘Sexin Islamic Girls’ this album is in true FOKN Bois style musically groundbreaking. They continuously innovate when it comes to lyrics, concepts and music. Their sound is most definitely unique and if any artists are going to be the masterminds of a new genre of African music, these two are just the men for the job.

Lyrical content wise it is most definitely original. The skits tell outlandish stories and at times as a listener you will begin to wonder how it was they even thought up these shocking tales, though at other times you’ll be left in awe of the profoundly graphic imagery their words are able to conjure up in your mind.

The FOKN Bois album is most definitely worth a listen. However it is NOT for the faint hearted. It should probably come with a warning a little something like this. ‘If you are not in posession of a sense of humour and/ or cannot process dark and deeply cutting jokes do not attempt to listen‘.

Anti everything from homosexuality to skin bleaching it really is not to be listened to if you are easily offended. Fokn wit Ewe is an hour of pure discrimination and ridiculously raw humour, but at least it can be said that the FOKN Bois do not discriminate in who they discriminate against!

Click the link below to download the album and the audio boxes below to listen to the tracks mentioned in the article


Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians

Strong Homosexual Guys

Sexin Islamic Girls

GOLDEN OLDIE – Blay Ambolley

6 Jan

I thought it was time to mention an old classic, and the artist I have chosen was probably responsible for my interest in african music as a whole!

Whenever I hear this man’s music I am instantly transported back to my childhood. My father played his album one Saturday afternoon and that was it. I was hooked. The funky jazzy feel and his unique way of rapping never failed to get me moving my little dancing feet.

I know I’m not alone in my love for the legend that is Gyedu Blay Ambolley. Described as Africa’s first rapper he has in my opinion played a huge part in the way in which African, particularly Ghanaian music has devoloped over the years.

I’d been searching all over the net to find the tracks my dad used to play all those years ago but couldn’t find them all. So I took it upon myself to upload my favourites.

Click below to have a listen to my favourites from his ‘Son Of Ghana’ album.

Onam Daadze

Poor Man’s Life

Simi Rapp