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Dewy Sinatra ‘Popular Pt One’

24 Feb

Dewy Sinatra is a bright, energetic wordsmith with a great flow. His words glide effortlessly over the beat just like or in some cases even better than some chart topping artists. There is however one notable difference between Dewy and these artists, and that is the fact that he is a gospel artist.

The young Londoner may be flying the flag for his religious beliefs but, but he does it with such flair that any preconceptions you might have about gospel music will be wiped away.

‘Popular’ samples a show tune of the same name from the theatre production ‘Wicked’. The sample can be heard throughout the beat but is most obvious during the chorus where the vocal is also sampled. Mr Sinatra opted to make a 2 part song. Both tracks sample the same show tune though the subject matter varies and the elements which are sampled are different. Part one which is my favourite has a catchier vibe about it. The melodic piano, big kicks and repetitive vocal in the background draw you in very quickly and once you’ve heard it there’s no forgetting the song.

Click below to listen to Dewy demonstrating that gospel music isn’t all about hell fire and condemnation.

Popular Pt. One

Also check out his sound cloud if you like what you hear.