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Happy Birthday Ghana ft. E.L, EFya, Wanlov The Kubolor and X.O Senavoe

15 Mar

On 6th March 2012 Ghana celebrated its 55th Birthday. As the first Sub – Saharan country to receive independence Ghanaians are especially proud because the country has come so far! So much so that 4 of Ghana’s musically gifted collaborated to express the universal feeling of joy at the peaceful Nation has grown into.

The track has an incredibly old school feel about it due to the hi – life style guitar providing the rythm, though the hip hop flavour is unmissable due to simple hip hop kicks and of course the presence of 4 of Ghana’s present day musical superstars.

Happy Birthday Ghana is a song which is relevant to both the past and the present, not just musically but also socially. It shouts out the figures who helped shaped Ghana to enable it to become the place it is today, while also encouraging the younger generation to take pride in their motherland.

Ghana Music Award 2012 nominee Efya, provides a dazzlingly simple vocal that holds the song together while the three rappers each bring their unique flair and style to the track. This song is a must listen for all the Ghanaians. Its practically patriotism at the push of a button. Its just a shame its not even 2 minutes long, cause it will leave you wanting more!

Click below to watch the video


FOKN Bois ‘ Only Your Walkings’

31 Jan

Introducing…… ‘Hype Life’ the new genre created by Ghana’s most mischievous and alternative duo, the FOKN Bois. As ever the song is not short on humour and has an easy going vibe about it.

Completely in Pidgin the track takes us through what happens when the FOKN Bois they sit down to create together. The song gives a real sense of the dynamic the Bois share, as we hear them bouncing ideas off each other as well as the procrastination and arguments that occur when they work together.

The beat is a mixure of hi-life, and hip hop it includes retro organ sounds which add a nice funk feel to the track. Calling out the names of foods in the chorus adds an element of randomness to the track which is in keeping with the fun and carefree image that these guys alway bring to everything they do; and is in a way reminscent of Gyedu Blay Ambolley’s lyrical style.

‘Only Your Walkings’ is a truly original song both musically and concept wise. It is a true feat that they manage to incorporate old school afrobeat with modern day hip hop and pull it off so well. As far as the concept goes I for one completely enjoyed my walk with the FOKN Bois on their creative journey!