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Hoodie Allen – ‘No Interruption’

30 Mar

With the promise he’ll give whatever we want with no interruption Hoodie Allen’s piano driven beat, which features subtle kicks, a melodic synth and of course his clear singing voice on the chorus, is an easy going tune that is sure to provide the sound track to a lot of people’s summer’s.

The 23 year old has been making music for a while, and has even toured with the likes of Das Racist, Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang to name but a few. It seems though that now is his time to be in the limelight by himself, he’s getting the blog world in a frenzy as he has done with a few of his tracks before, but judging by the buzz around this extra chilled joint he’s served up, it looks like the work he’s been putting in as about to pay him off big time!

The beat for this banger was produced by RJF and WNDRBRD and it is the first single off Hoodie’s debut EP ‘All American’ which comes out on 10th April, and since Mr Allen’s done a pretty good job of anticipating what we want and serving it up, its likely that our ears are going to be in for some pure unadulterated (and of course uninterrupted) musical treats!


Dewy Sinatra ‘Popular Pt One’

24 Feb

Dewy Sinatra is a bright, energetic wordsmith with a great flow. His words glide effortlessly over the beat just like or in some cases even better than some chart topping artists. There is however one notable difference between Dewy and these artists, and that is the fact that he is a gospel artist.

The young Londoner may be flying the flag for his religious beliefs but, but he does it with such flair that any preconceptions you might have about gospel music will be wiped away.

‘Popular’ samples a show tune of the same name from the theatre production ‘Wicked’. The sample can be heard throughout the beat but is most obvious during the chorus where the vocal is also sampled. Mr Sinatra opted to make a 2 part song. Both tracks sample the same show tune though the subject matter varies and the elements which are sampled are different. Part one which is my favourite has a catchier vibe about it. The melodic piano, big kicks and repetitive vocal in the background draw you in very quickly and once you’ve heard it there’s no forgetting the song.

Click below to listen to Dewy demonstrating that gospel music isn’t all about hell fire and condemnation.

Popular Pt. One

Also check out his sound cloud if you like what you hear.


Speech Debelle ‘Studio Backpack Rap’

21 Feb

It’s been a while since I wrote about music that isn’t afrobeats. So I thought I’d bring it back home to London with today’s post.

The 2009 Mercury award winner Speech Debelle released her album ‘Speech Therapy’ last week and this is the first track on the album.

The huge kicks and heavy synths immediately draw you in to as she walks us through the love affair that music makers have with their chosen profession. The beat is so on point its impossible not to bop your head to, while her flow and witty word play puts the passion for music across beautifully. Its seems almost possible to develop the condition Ms Debelle is describing just from listening.

The video for this track which has been up since November is extremely simple but fits the song well. Shot on a what looks like a south London estate it follows these music lovers around and sees them at work, as well as showing Speech rapping, dancing and looking like she’s having the time of her life.

Speech says when the music hits her she feels tipsy, and though that might not be the feeling you’d use to describe it, I reckon the funky hip hop vibe of this track will definitely leave you with a feeling of euphoria! Click below for your dose, and if you like what you hear you should definitely check out the album (which is on spotify) because she’s got a lot more where this banger came from.



15 Feb

After the furore the FOKN Bois caused with their track ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’ some may have thought that they would tone down their lyrics and subject matter. If you were one of those people, please be informed that you were greatly mistaken!

All 18 tracks on’FOKN wit Ewe’ are packed with so much humour, wit and political incorrectness that it seems ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’ is possibly one of the least offensive songs on the album.

The album’s production is flawless. Ranging from clear hip hop influences on ‘Strong Homosexual Guys’ to a more modern avant garde R’N’B feel, reminiscent of The Weeknd’s style on tracks like ‘Sexin Islamic Girls’ this album is in true FOKN Bois style musically groundbreaking. They continuously innovate when it comes to lyrics, concepts and music. Their sound is most definitely unique and if any artists are going to be the masterminds of a new genre of African music, these two are just the men for the job.

Lyrical content wise it is most definitely original. The skits tell outlandish stories and at times as a listener you will begin to wonder how it was they even thought up these shocking tales, though at other times you’ll be left in awe of the profoundly graphic imagery their words are able to conjure up in your mind.

The FOKN Bois album is most definitely worth a listen. However it is NOT for the faint hearted. It should probably come with a warning a little something like this. ‘If you are not in posession of a sense of humour and/ or cannot process dark and deeply cutting jokes do not attempt to listen‘.

Anti everything from homosexuality to skin bleaching it really is not to be listened to if you are easily offended. Fokn wit Ewe is an hour of pure discrimination and ridiculously raw humour, but at least it can be said that the FOKN Bois do not discriminate in who they discriminate against!

Click the link below to download the album and the audio boxes below to listen to the tracks mentioned in the article


Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians

Strong Homosexual Guys

Sexin Islamic Girls

FOKN Bois ‘ Only Your Walkings’

31 Jan

Introducing…… ‘Hype Life’ the new genre created by Ghana’s most mischievous and alternative duo, the FOKN Bois. As ever the song is not short on humour and has an easy going vibe about it.

Completely in Pidgin the track takes us through what happens when the FOKN Bois they sit down to create together. The song gives a real sense of the dynamic the Bois share, as we hear them bouncing ideas off each other as well as the procrastination and arguments that occur when they work together.

The beat is a mixure of hi-life, and hip hop it includes retro organ sounds which add a nice funk feel to the track. Calling out the names of foods in the chorus adds an element of randomness to the track which is in keeping with the fun and carefree image that these guys alway bring to everything they do; and is in a way reminscent of Gyedu Blay Ambolley’s lyrical style.

‘Only Your Walkings’ is a truly original song both musically and concept wise. It is a true feat that they manage to incorporate old school afrobeat with modern day hip hop and pull it off so well. As far as the concept goes I for one completely enjoyed my walk with the FOKN Bois on their creative journey!