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Azealia Banks ‘F**k Up The Fun (produced by Diplo)

26 Mar

Ms Banks the quick flowing, sharp tongued and vulgar mouthed, hotly tipped rapper is back with a track called ‘F**k Up The Fun’.

She teams up with producer extrodinaire ‘Diplo’ on this one and the result is a fast paced banger which has a warfare feel about it. The heavy hitting drums and the more subtle drum rolls which run through the song, give a very strong battle sense to the track. Coupled with Azaelia’s ferocious attitude and confrontational lyrics, its clear she’s channelling the victorious heroine on this one, though this by no means indicates a loss of the fun, gone she brings to every track. There is no shortage of giggles from Azealia on this one, so it seems that she may have failed on her mission to F**k up the fun, because it seems she’s having it by the bucket load, and its slightly infectious.


Happy Birthday Ghana ft. E.L, EFya, Wanlov The Kubolor and X.O Senavoe

15 Mar

On 6th March 2012 Ghana celebrated its 55th Birthday. As the first Sub – Saharan country to receive independence Ghanaians are especially proud because the country has come so far! So much so that 4 of Ghana’s musically gifted collaborated to express the universal feeling of joy at the peaceful Nation has grown into.

The track has an incredibly old school feel about it due to the hi – life style guitar providing the rythm, though the hip hop flavour is unmissable due to simple hip hop kicks and of course the presence of 4 of Ghana’s present day musical superstars.

Happy Birthday Ghana is a song which is relevant to both the past and the present, not just musically but also socially. It shouts out the figures who helped shaped Ghana to enable it to become the place it is today, while also encouraging the younger generation to take pride in their motherland.

Ghana Music Award 2012 nominee Efya, provides a dazzlingly simple vocal that holds the song together while the three rappers each bring their unique flair and style to the track. This song is a must listen for all the Ghanaians. Its practically patriotism at the push of a button. Its just a shame its not even 2 minutes long, cause it will leave you wanting more!

Click below to watch the video

Dewy Sinatra ‘Popular Pt One’

24 Feb

Dewy Sinatra is a bright, energetic wordsmith with a great flow. His words glide effortlessly over the beat just like or in some cases even better than some chart topping artists. There is however one notable difference between Dewy and these artists, and that is the fact that he is a gospel artist.

The young Londoner may be flying the flag for his religious beliefs but, but he does it with such flair that any preconceptions you might have about gospel music will be wiped away.

‘Popular’ samples a show tune of the same name from the theatre production ‘Wicked’. The sample can be heard throughout the beat but is most obvious during the chorus where the vocal is also sampled. Mr Sinatra opted to make a 2 part song. Both tracks sample the same show tune though the subject matter varies and the elements which are sampled are different. Part one which is my favourite has a catchier vibe about it. The melodic piano, big kicks and repetitive vocal in the background draw you in very quickly and once you’ve heard it there’s no forgetting the song.

Click below to listen to Dewy demonstrating that gospel music isn’t all about hell fire and condemnation.

Popular Pt. One

Also check out his sound cloud if you like what you hear.