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D’lys – Sea Of Heartbreak (Johnny Cash Cover)

7 Mar

Today’s post is very random, in the scheme of what I’ve been posting recently, but then its always good to change things up and in this case slow them down as well.

D’lys is an up and coming singer/ songwriter hailing from the big smoke. Formerly a member of a girl group called Frayja, she has now stepped out on her own and offers up a wonderfully emotive, acoustic cover of Johnny Cash to give us a taster of what she’s about.

Accompanied only by a guitar she gives a beautifully solemn rendition of the country and western classic ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’. Her deep, husky voice which is reminiscent of Tracy Chapman’s incredibly unique tones sits wonderfully well with the slowed down guitar, and gives the song a fresh feel.

Click below to watch the video of Dilys performing ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’. With that stunning unique voice it will be really intriguing to hear what her own original stuff sounds like, because one things for sure there isn’t anyone currently ticking this box in the charts right now!


Rudimental ‘Spoons’ ft MNEK & Syron

26 Feb

Rudimental are a London production elective who can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment. They remixed Ed Sheeran’s single ‘Drunk’ a little while ago, and did it so well their remix has received support from Zane Lowe, Pete Tong and 1xtra.  Now they’re back with an absolute house banger called ‘Spoons’.

The track features the incredible vocals of the uber talented MNEK, an 18 year old singer/ songwriter and producer from Lewisham, and of course the extremely gifted Syron, a 19 year old singer also from South London. Despite their youth these artists have been putting in work for a long time and have truly mastered their crafts. Both artists have been hotly tipped as ones to watch in 2012, with bloggers going crazy for them and all the taste makers getting into a frenzy some people probably wonder what the hype about these two is, but this track should wipe away any doubts.

Syron’s husky voice fits perfectly will with the smooth soulful sound of MNEK as they sing their hearts  on this chilled jam. The beat has a funky house element to it though the reverb effect on the vocal which runs through the song gives the track a lofty and airy feel.

Being a house track it is of course repetitive but Rudimental have accomplished a true feat in the sense that it never gets old. Using two vocalists means the repeated lyrics seem some how different, the harmonies also help to add new elements, and when the track finishes you’re left wanting more.

‘Spoons’ has already received so much love from the likes of The XX , Mista Jam and Disclosure, to name but a few and I’m sure in years to come it will be counted as a house classic!

Click below to watch the video.

Pepper ‘Running Rings’

25 Feb

Pepper first stepped into the limelight in sky’s 2010 ‘Must Be The Music’ TV talent show. She auditioned with her friend Emma, together they formed the group ‘Pepper and Piano’. From the moment she sang her first note on the show she dazzled the crowd, so it is very easy to see why Dizzee Rascal was so quick to snap her up in the wake of the competition.

She’s been working on a number of acoustic sessions which she posts at quite frequent intervals on  youtube. My favourite of her acoustic songs I’ve heard so far is ‘Running Rings’. Accompanied only by an electric guitar Pepper’s stunning voice and cheeky lyrics tell of her feelings towards men who like to show off. The subject matter may not be completely original as Jamelia had her hit back in the day with ‘Money’ and then there was J-Lo’s ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’; but Pepper’s awe inspiring vocal and brash phrasing set her tune apart. For instead of seeming whiny like J-Lo and Jamelia, she ridicules and comes across as a very strong and confident woman on this track.

Click below to have a listen, but men be warned, if you have no charm and think cash and nice clothes are all you need to attract a woman, the lyrics might prove a little hard hitting.

Dewy Sinatra ‘Popular Pt One’

24 Feb

Dewy Sinatra is a bright, energetic wordsmith with a great flow. His words glide effortlessly over the beat just like or in some cases even better than some chart topping artists. There is however one notable difference between Dewy and these artists, and that is the fact that he is a gospel artist.

The young Londoner may be flying the flag for his religious beliefs but, but he does it with such flair that any preconceptions you might have about gospel music will be wiped away.

‘Popular’ samples a show tune of the same name from the theatre production ‘Wicked’. The sample can be heard throughout the beat but is most obvious during the chorus where the vocal is also sampled. Mr Sinatra opted to make a 2 part song. Both tracks sample the same show tune though the subject matter varies and the elements which are sampled are different. Part one which is my favourite has a catchier vibe about it. The melodic piano, big kicks and repetitive vocal in the background draw you in very quickly and once you’ve heard it there’s no forgetting the song.

Click below to listen to Dewy demonstrating that gospel music isn’t all about hell fire and condemnation.

Popular Pt. One

Also check out his sound cloud if you like what you hear.


Speech Debelle ‘Studio Backpack Rap’

21 Feb

It’s been a while since I wrote about music that isn’t afrobeats. So I thought I’d bring it back home to London with today’s post.

The 2009 Mercury award winner Speech Debelle released her album ‘Speech Therapy’ last week and this is the first track on the album.

The huge kicks and heavy synths immediately draw you in to as she walks us through the love affair that music makers have with their chosen profession. The beat is so on point its impossible not to bop your head to, while her flow and witty word play puts the passion for music across beautifully. Its seems almost possible to develop the condition Ms Debelle is describing just from listening.

The video for this track which has been up since November is extremely simple but fits the song well. Shot on a what looks like a south London estate it follows these music lovers around and sees them at work, as well as showing Speech rapping, dancing and looking like she’s having the time of her life.

Speech says when the music hits her she feels tipsy, and though that might not be the feeling you’d use to describe it, I reckon the funky hip hop vibe of this track will definitely leave you with a feeling of euphoria! Click below for your dose, and if you like what you hear you should definitely check out the album (which is on spotify) because she’s got a lot more where this banger came from.


14th ‘Hide Yourself’

7 Feb

If you’re an old school garage fan then the 14th are right up your street! The duo made up of singer Tracey Duodo and Tom Barber are real lovers of 90’s garage and dance music and it shows in everything they do. They released an EP back in November and ‘Hide Yourself’ was the titular track.

Duodo’s vocal is absolutely incredible, adding raw emotion it gives the track a soulful feel which is always a good thing. The track begins with just a simple piano and builds up to feature chimes, heavy kicks and the layered vocals of Tracey and Tom.

It is an absolute banger and you should definitely check it out. Now would probably be a good time to mention their new single ‘Take Me There’ which is causing a stir with its nostalgic dance feel. Its also a great track its just  I’m  still stuck on ‘Hide Yourself’ cause it is such a TUNE!

Delilah ‘2 – 4 am’ Mixtape

3 Feb

Delilah burst into the mainstream last year with her song ‘Go’ which she claims was just recorded as a ‘vibe’ she didn’t think would go any further. It did more than go far, it became a top 5 charting single in the UK! Needless to say everyone is eagerly awaiting her album ‘From The Roots’ which is due to be released on 26th March. In the meantime she’s been kind enough to offer us a mixtape and it is a real treat.

‘2 – 4 am’ has a very unique sound to it. It is in every way Delilah. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre it should fall under because each track is unique and so many different influences can be heard, some tracks have definite dubstep influences, while others have a more hip hop vibe about them.

The track ’21’ is a sorrowful tune with a very delicate production. The sweet piano and chimes make the music slightly remiscent of the sort of melody a child’s music box would play. It has a real cute feel to it though the mournful lyrics make it an extremely emotional and grown up song.

‘Lay By’ is a more up beat track which features tribal drums and loud synths. The lyrics are catchy and the melody make it a great one to move to. Its sure to be a great one at festivals this summer.

The top track on this mixtape is in my opinion ‘Never Be Another One’ the story is put across beautifully, the track sounds dark at first but then the heavy hitting drum and synth kick in and of course delilah’s voice bring it alive.

The mixtape is free to download from http://www.delilahofficial.co.uk/2012/. Though you can listen to the three tracks I mentioned by clicking below. It will definitely make the wait for the album slightly easier.


Lay By

Never Be Another One